World Pediatric Project – Three Ways to Get Involved

Radiation oncologist Dr. Laurie Cuttino is supporter of the World Pediatric Project, a global organization devoted to improving the quality of life of at-risk children, their families, and their communities. Members such as Dr. Laurie Cuttino help the organization in a number of ways.

Here are three ways to get involved with the World Pediatric Project:

1. Volunteer. One of the best ways to help the project, volunteering covers a broad spectrum of services. Volunteers can help with anything from providing emotional support for children and their families to sorting goods donated for those families.

2. Host a party. This is a fun way to help the World Pediatric Project. Party hosts can choose a theme, and the organization will provide the materials. To learn more about hosting a party for the World Pediatric Project, contact Marcia Collier at

3. Become a sponsor. Individuals and businesses can build partnerships with the World Pediatric Project by becoming sponsors.

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