Recent Impact 100 Richmond Grant Winners

An associate professor of radiation oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University, Dr. Laurie Cuttino also performs as a radiation oncologist who treats patients with various types of malignancies. Involved in her community, Dr. Laurie Cuttino supports Impact 100 Richmond.

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Impact 100 Richmond operates as a woman-centered nonprofit organization dedicated to improving its community. Administrated by the Community Foundation, this entity makes grants to different organizations annually. Every year, 100 women donate $1,000 to put toward a mutually chosen nonprofit group in the realm of sustainability, arts and culture, health, or education.

Since 2009, Impact 100 Richmond has distributed $100,000 grants to multiple recipients. Its 2012 recipient, ART180, received 20 percent of its annual budget through the endeavor. The influx of funds allowed the group to create Atlas, a teen art center in the city’s Arts District, and the construction of Atlas further enabled ART180 to improve a historic community and provide youth in need with opportunities for skill and leadership development. The following year, Impact 100 Richmond provided money to the YWCA of Richmond for its programs to aid women who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. To learn how to apply during upcoming grant cycles, visit

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