World Pediatric Ponseti Method Program in Belize

Ponseti Method pic

Ponseti Method

Dr. Laurie Cuttino is a radiation oncologist based in Richmond, Virginia. Additionally, Dr. Laurie Cuttino is active in World Pediatric Project, a nonprofit organization that helps children in countries outside the United States who have treatable birth defects and illnesses. World Pediatric Project is made possible by the efforts of medical professionals who volunteer their skills and services.

Working in parts of Central America and the Caribbean, where access to health care is often limited, World Pediatric Project runs a number of special programs, including an initiative in Belize to eliminate the birth defect commonly known as clubfoot.

People born with clubfoot have feet that are twisted out of shape or not in the correct position. Traditionally, people with clubfoot underwent painful surgeries or had to walk on their ankles or the sides of their feet. However, the Ponseti Method, a non-invasive treatment that uses plaster casts and specific positioning of the foot, has been recognized in recent years as being a more effective way of correcting clubfoot.

World Pediatric Project saw the need for this treatment in Belize and worked with organizations in the country to a get a Ponseti Method program established. As a result, there has been a significant reduction of clubfoot in the country.


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